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Whether you are a visitor looking to relax after a long day walking the Billings strip, or a local looking to relax after a long day, a **Billings massage **is exactly what you need. Best of all your massage will come to you! Let us fight the traffic and don’t worry about paying for high-priced “spa” services, let the spa come to you!

Every Billings massage therapist is licensed and professional. You will get a quality, affordable massage from a skilled therapist and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We service the Billings and Henderson areas, and save you money by not having to pay the overhead of one of those fancy spas.

We offer almost all types of professional massage including deep-tissue massage, couples massage

What can you expect from a Billings Massage?

You will receive many proven health benefits from your massage. For instance, if you are like more than half the workers in America, a massage can provide not only pain relief, but therapeutic benefits. All without drugs or ibuprofen. A regular massage has been proven to enhance your immune system and that helps to keep you fight off illnesses like the common cold or flu.

Another benefit of a Billings massage is to help stretch and loosen tight muscles. A Billings massage will also relax stressed and over-tired muscles. If you suffer from chronic cramping or muscle spasms, visiting a professional massage therapist regularly can also be beneficial. Massage can greatly help to lessen these painful muscle malfunctions.

Billings massage also releases endorphins which reduce the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. The endorphin release also benefits people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and mood swings, helping to maintain a more even emotional balance and also reducing the need for medications in many cases.

A regular massage can also improve your sleep habits. It is proven that deep, quality sleep reduces fatigue and it also keeps the body and mind fresh and alert. Studies have found that if people who receive massage are often times more productive throughout the day. You will be able to stay focused for longer periods of time and be noticeably more relaxed too.

What are you waiting for? It is time for you to release some tension, loosen those knotted muscles, and unwind with your Billings massage. Call us at702-518-8737 . Start to feel relaxed, calm, and rejuvenated and ready to face the week. Even better, why not set up regular appointments and sign-up for our special offers.

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